SIM Stanmore Principal and Ladies Coordinator visit

SIM Stanmore Principal and Ladies Coordinator visitOn 28th June, we had the pleasure of having Shia Ithna Asheri Madressa of Stanmore Principal Br. Shafique Govani and Ladies Coordinator Sister Fehmida Merali for visit.
Principal Dr. Qamar Abbas, Lead Administrator Sr. Saima Ali, Teacher Br. Muntazir Haji and Parents' Representative accompanied the visitors around madressa and then all the teachers joined them for tea at breaktime.
 SIM Stanmore Principal and Ladies Coordinator visit
Ideas were exchanged. They were briefed on madressa activities and oncoming ventures like Sports day, Ramadhan activities and Madressa magazine. Madressa team is grateful to visitors for their kind words. SIM Stanmore is a large institution with over 800 students and SIM Essex uses the manuals produced by them. They also shared their experience on improving teaching methods esp. their planned use of Information Technology for information dissemination and assessments.
We bid them farewell with commitment to liaise and share the experiences.

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