Madressa Non-Pupil Day

Madressa 2009 Non-pupil day will be held on 2nd May. Students are given a day off on that day whereas all teachers should attend for the following programme at Lawford Mead School.
1000: Teachers’ Training (Lesson Planning by Sister Akila Manji)
1130: Break
1200: Small group workshop for strategy for the year
1245: Large group discussion
1330: Salaat
All teachers are requested to attend. All parents are requested to pass on their comments, which will be deliberated upon in strategy building.

Madressa Workshop / Adult Classes

We are pleased to announce the next venture of madressa, which we committed ourselves to do for this year.
Madressa Workshops will commence from next week 7th February 2009 at current madressa...


1st Annual Madrasah Majlis

On Saturday, 31st January, 4th Safar 1430 AH, the children of the madressa got together to remember the event of Karbala. They organised and recited on the occasion of the 1st annual madressa...


Ali Asgher Water Appeal (AAWA)

“Whosoever provides someone water in a place where there is already water present, is like one who has freed a slave.   And whosoever provides someone water in a place where there is no water...


Madressa Annual Prize Ceremony


Alhamdulillah, all the madressa administration, teachers, parents, students and Jamaat EC and general members got together on 20th December to celebrate the end...


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