Day of Prayer – Friday 25 December 2020

See below message from Sayed Murtadha Kashmiri (Representative of Ayatollah Sistani (DZ).

In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful
Say, why would my lord concern himself with you, if you do not call upon him.

The health crisis has recently intensified in Britain especially after the discovery of a new strain of the Corona virus, a new variant which is more infectious than the previous strain. This has caused panic to societies across the United Kingdom. And the authorities are unable to find a radical solution to the crisis.
This is what drives people to turn to Allah Almighty to save them and from the unknown dangers ahead.
The Islamic Centers in the UK have an important role within faith, in these sensitive circumstances, which is to direct the hearts and minds of people to the merciful Lord who is able to save the country from this scourge represented by the Coronavirus.
Therefore, I call upon the imams of mosques, informants, and supervisors of Islamic centers to make the noon of next Friday, that falls on December 25, a day of prayer and Du’a to alleviate the scourge, lift the epidemic from the people, and heal the sick.
I also call on them to intensify the media campaign amongst our community, so that the largest number of people possible can participate in the prayer ceremony, as well as calling on the media to report the event so that the people of this country turn to the Lord of the servants to save them from the hardship and calamity they are in.
And Allah, may He be glorified and exalted, called us to supplication, so he said: ((Call upon me, I will answer you)).
I ask Allah the almighty to answer everyone’s supplication and relieve them of their hardship and affliction. He is the Hearer and Answerer.
Sayaid Murtadha Al-Kishmiri
6th Jumada Al-Ula 1442